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Getgle will be Rebooted.

On september 9th I decided to shutdown Getgle. I shut it down for two main reasons.

  1. I don't have the time to moderate and maintain all ten Getgle Services anymore.
  2. I don't enjoy being a sysadmin and would rather program other things.

The conclusion that I came to (the extrapolation) was that Getgle had to be shutdown. I felt as if all the Getgle Services such as Drive, Docs, BBS, Personals, etc were a 100% necessary component to the website and the core of it's identity.

This may have been what Getgle has done for many years but I believe I was wrong to think that I had to shut the whole site down because of the lost services. When Getgle started in 2015 it didn't have any dynamic PHP pages, only static HTML. Sure it was only like that for about a week or so but if it was able to be a static website at it's inception then I see no reason why it can't return to being a static website now.

Returning to static websites is like returning to monkey, it's based. I don't think that people uploading files or talking on BBS was the core of what made Getgle great. Getgle is great simply because Getgle is great.

I plan on making some games for this new Getgle site and adding more static pages when I have more time. Getgle will live on as something new and that's a good thing. It's been half a decade and it's time for a paradigm shift. In the future you can expect Getgle videogames, writeups, better bots and other new kinds of content.

Getgle is dead, long live Getgle. Expect more content soon.

Author: Getindor
Written on 9/11/2020

Contact me at getindor@protonmail.com